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Wanting to know the gender of your rabbit

Everyone wants to be able to choose the gender of your new rabbit. However  checking what the gender is in young rabbits can sometimes be tricky. Usually you wont be able to tell until the rabbit is over 6 weeks.  To find out the gender, gently lay the rabbit on your lap on it's back. Use your thumb and index finger to press down on the genital area opening it up gently. If the opening looks like a slit then it is a girl, if the opening is round it is a boy. The anus and vent will be close together for a female rabbit.  Older rabbits are easier to tell the sex. You will see testicles in male rabbits once they are about 4 months. 

Here are pictures of a male and female rabbit.
These rabbits are 6 weeks old.

Left Picture is a male. Notice the O shape. Right picture is the female. Notice the long slit.

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