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Preparing for your new rabbit
Choosing your rabbit
There are many different types of rabbits to choose from. Common pet rabbit breeds include Netherland Dwarfs, Mini Lops, Lionheads and Dwarf Rex.  You can quickly distinguish these breeds by taking a good look at them. Dwarfs usually have small ears and smooth hair that lies flat. Lops tend to have ears that fall over to the sides. Lionheads have long hair around their neck that gives them the appearance of a lion. Rexes have fur that feels like velvet to the touch.

There are several things you will need to buy before getting your rabbit. 
  • Indoor Cage or Outdoor hutch
  • Bedding: straw or shavings
  • Food bowls, water bottle, hay rack, etc.
  • Toys or hutches (Rabbits like to play and hide)
  • Nail clippers, brush for grooming (rabbits are great at keeping themselves clean! No bath required!!)

You can buy a cage from any pet shop or you can make one yourself. If your rabbit is already potty trained, then building a cage for your furry friend will be fun for you and for him. Click on Building a Cage on the left hand side to see an example of a cage you can make. 

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