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Spaying and Neutering

Spaying and neutering your rabbit gives them a longer life and is healthier for your rabbits. Female rabbits has a  greater risk to get reproductive cancer and male rabbits mood wont be tempted to fight due to high sexual hormones. Rabbits are much easier to litter train.  Un-neutered male rabbits tend to spray when they urinate and it can be quite messy. 
It is best to spay and neuter all of your rabbits so that they can be together. They make better companions together. Male and female rabbits tend to mate for life and when they are always separated  they become sad. Also, this eliminates the risk of unwanted pregnancies. Remember, a rabbit can have many babies at once and can get pregnant a second time while 2 weeks pregnant already. Females are  induced ovulaters" meaning they can get pregnant any day any time unlike humans who have a few days window each month to get pregnant.

Spayed and neutered rabbit's behavior changes as well. They become less aggressive, are less likely to bite or scratch and are less likely to chew things and dig.

When can my rabbit or rabbits be spayed or neutered?
Female rabbits can be safely neutered after 6 months of age after they meet sexual maturity  Estrogen is involved in the normal development of the skeleton so it is important to wait until they are sexually mature.  Males can be neutered usually around 3-4 months, after their testicles descend.
Find a veterinarian that  has experience in spaying and neutering rabbits.
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